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Pharma-Insight Inc. 
19 Bainbridge Avenue, Toronto. ON Canada
M3H 2J8

Phone: (416) 410-7979
Fax: (416) 630-2729
Darryl Chemel B. Pharm


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Specializing in Pharmaceutical PromotionsPharmaceutical Promotional Ideas

We work with our clients to produce imprinted items that are useful and needed by their target audience.

Pharma-Insight specializes in designing, manufacturing and supplying branded pharmaceutical or medical promotional items through our network of distributor partners. Our manufacturing resources are focused in the Orient where we have mastered the art of delivering a quality item at the right price in a timely fashion. Due to the efficiency of scale, our orders are typically in the range of five thousand units and up. We design, create and custom make products targeted to our client’s marketing theme and objectives.

Some of the items we manufacture/supply include:


Custom Professional quality anatomical models


Models for patient demonstration and detailing to physicians and other healthcare professionals


Custom Diagnostic tools and aids


Medical assessment and dosage calculators


Custom office promotional items


Pharmacy and pharmacist tools


Patient compliance tools


Custom medical calculators and software


General promotional items and gifts

If you have a project idea, we can make it happen. If you need ideas, we create them. Please feel free to contact us for our fresh and unique approach. One of our team will promptly respond to your needs.

Darryl Chemel, B. Pharm

Darryl Chemel, a pharmacist with creative ideas and a unique background, started Pharma-Insight. Having worked as a pharmacist in South Africa and Canada, Chemel decided to try an entrepreneurial challenge. He started a cream and lotion company, which, from the ground up, gave him an experience base in marketing and promotion. When the company sold, he worked as a medical sales representative for a multi-national pharmaceutical company, a consultant with a medical consulting company, hospital sales and product management. He started Pharma-Insight to provide the pharmaceutical industry with custom promotional giveaways such as diagnostic aids, medical calculators and anatomical models thus offering the industry a level of service and understanding not available elsewhere. Chemel really enjoys a challenge and can often come up with ingenious solutions to complex marketing challenges. With a large network of associates around the world very often a solution to a challenge has already been met and often a simple modification of an existing product can produce tangible results.

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Pharma-Insight Inc. 19 Bainbridge Avenue, Toronto. ON Canada M3H 2J8
Phone: (416) 410-7979 Fax: (416) 630-2729 Darryl Chemel B. Pharm
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