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Specializing in Pharmaceutical Promotions

We work with our clients to produce imprinted items that are useful and needed by their target audience.

Your customers face the same challenges you do when it comes to gaining and keeping clients, and anything you can do to help them with that will be rewarded. These items are chosen for just that purpose. When you help them get and keep customers you are giving them far more than a product, you are making their jobs easier.

We are not a retailer and as such we do not offer any of our products at retail. For pricing and ordering information please contact us here. If you are an individual looking for any of these items please be sure to point your pharmacist to our web site.

Programmable Pill timer

Fully programmable pill timer can be programmed to beep up to 5 times per day. These nifty gadgets increase compliance and help patients to take their medicine on time. They are useful for both chronic medication use such as the birth control pill and short term medications such as antibiotics. Patients with memory disorders such as Alzheimer's or post stroke may find this little gadget very useful.

Programmable Pill timer

7 day pill reminders

4 compartment pill box

Pill box timer

Holds pills and reminds patients to take their medications

Eye drop Guide

FDA listed item fits almost all eye drop bottles. Very useful for patients who have glaucoma or other eye diseases. Excellent product for elderly patients.

Eye Drop Guide
Electric pedometer

Pedometer counts steps a patient walks or runs for an exercise routine

Mechanical pedometer

Mechanical Pedometer counts steps or paces a patient walks or runs

Pill Crusher

Crushes pills for patients who have difficulty in swallowing their medication

Pill splitter
Pill splitter

Splits or cuts pills neatly accurately and saves money

Injection Pad

Gives patients the confidence to inject themselves by practicing on this pad

Injection Pad
Bottle opener

Child proof caps can be a tremendous struggle for arthritic or injured hands.

Medicine bottle key chain

For the patient who often forgets to take along their medicine when they go out. A brilliantly simple solution that will be appreciated.

Oral medication dispensers






Spooned vials



Oral medicine dispensers
Water glass with counter

Measure doses easily and accurately without bothering with a separate measuring cup.


Reliable and easy to use with a large digital printout and a high low temperature warning.

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