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Anatomical Aids

Heart Model
Heart Models

Clogged Arteries
Clogged Arteries

Great model to show the effects of cholesterol plaques on the arteries

Sinus Model
Sinus Model shows the sinuses adn bone structure of the face

Stomach Model
Stomach Model can be altered to show effects of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Heart Model

Enlarged Heart 
with left ventricular hypertrophy.

Blood Vessel

Medical Office Tools

Flag Dispenser
Flag dispensers can be made in custom shapes to fit a drug's marketing theme or look.

Bandage Scissors
Bandage Scissors 
Quality unit made in Taiwan and can be autoclaved.

Medical Paperweights
Medical Paperweights can be filled with liquid and customized with text.

Stirrup Pads An excellent item to promote a female health oriented product.

Thermometer can be custom imprinted on the case or on the body of the item.

Waist tape measure
Waist Tape Measure Can be in inches or centimeters

Stethoscope name tags clips
Stethoscope Clips

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Specializing in Pharmaceutical Promotionspharmaceutical promotional items

Pharma-Insight specializes in products that are indispensable for physicians in their practice.

These tools allow medical physicians to do their jobs giving them a very high perceived value. From patient education aids to clinical evaluation tools we can provide the ideal product. If necessary, we can develop the product to your specifications if it does not exist. 
Medical  Hammers

A wonderfully useful physician promotion that can be used either in office or in the physicians black bag. The handles can be imprinted and the rubber ends can be manufactured in any PMS colour to match the product being promoted.

Branded medical hammers

Decubitus measure

Originally intended to measure wound dimensions the Decubitus Measure is also convenient for working with X-Rays.

The handles can be embossed with your company or product name. The measuring wheels are interchangeable to accommodate disinfection.

The importance of perceived value in your choice of promotional item cannot be overstated. When the item you choose is a useful, daily tool this favorable impression is guaranteed.


A tool used to determine the flexibility of a joint


A tool designed to detect peripheral neuropathy in the feet of patients with diabetes


Hand gripper

Helps build hand strength. Resistance can be measured in lbs or kgs. One display shows resistance, the other counts repetitions.

Hand gripper

Hand Pump

Used to measure hand strength.

Hand Pump
Nylon Cuffs

Nylon cuff for use with sphygmomanometer: can be made in all sizes from pediatric to obese

EKG Ruler

Cardiac ruler used to measure EKG readouts

Cardiac ruler
Custom imprinted stethoscopes

Nothing says doctor like the stethoscope to medical professionals and patients alike. Your company name on a tool as important as this has a tremendous impact on anyone who sees it. 

Custom imprinted stethoscopes

ECG Fence

A very useful tool for cardiologists and General practitioners with an interest in cardiovascular medicine. This little gadget can detect arrhythmias from an ECG printout. It is more useful than the usual two point compass because it has 7 equidistant points.

EKG Fence

Medical Calculators

It is so convenient for a physician to reach for a hand held calculator that does complex calculations instantaneously and simply. We can produce OEM calculators and have a vast array of units that we have produced already.

Framingham CV Risk calculator

This calculator assesses risk of a Cardio Vascular event based on Framingham data.

Framingham CV Risk calculator
LDL Calculator

Calculates LDL cholesterol according to the Friedewald formula

LDL Calculator
CV risk/LDL Calculator

Framingham CV risk and LDL Calculator

Coronary Risk - LDL Calculator

Creatinine Clearance Calculator

Automatically calculates the correct creatinine clearance based on age, weight, sex and serum creatinine levels.

Creatinine Clearance Calculator
Opioid Dosage Conversion Calculator

Opioid Dosage Conversion Calculator

Body Surface and Creatinine Clearance Calculator Body Mass and Creatinine Clearance Calculator
BMI Calculator

Calculates body mass and ideal weight with an alpha-numeric display

BMI Calculator
BMI Calculator - BSA Calculator

Many medications require precise measurements of body mass and body surface area.

BMI Calculator - BSA Calculator
Conversion Calculator

Calculates metric and imperial concurrently, also does currency. Try the free computer version here.

Conversion Calculator



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